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Why The Laundry Jet Will Save You Time And Money

The "laundry sucker" is an innovative laundry vacuum that saves time and money by moving dirty laundry from bedrooms to the wasing machine. Find out why it's so great!

This machine was invented by Drew Henry and has been gaining popularity ever since it was first produced. It transports dirty linen using vacuum suction, and it's easy to use. The Laundry Jet is the first vacuum powered laundry chute that transports clothes and towels from any room with ports installed, to the utility room. Unlike a traditional laundry chute, the Laundry Jet can be used regardless of if a home is multi-level or single story because it is not reliant solely on gravity. It can be installed seamlessly into any custom house design and existing laundry rooms. 

This is a must-have time saving item for any family or individual looking for a convenient and safe way to transport clothes to the utility room from any room in the house. 

Wash more clothes at once.

If you're tired of doing laundry every day, then you'll love this new invention. The "laundry sucker" is a device that lets you get multiple loads washing done immediately. It works with any home, and it will save you time and energy. 

The washing machine is one of those things we take for granted until something goes wrong. When that happens, it's usually because we didn't read the manual properly or didn't know what size load we were putting into the machine. In fact, according to the EPA, Americans throw away $21 billion worth of clothing every year. That means there are tons of dirty clothes piling up in closets around the country. And while some people might be tempted to let them pile up, there are other ways to keep your closet from getting too messy. If you're having trouble getting your clothes clean, try the Laundry Jet (laundry sucker) today. The machine will act as a washing machine supplement .

Enjoy a cleaner home.

This appliance has been designed to make washing clothes more convenient. It allows you to load up several items into a port. The laundry sucker will help remove the dirty clothes from any room and transport them to near your washing machine.  Once the cycle of suction is complete the clothes will fall into a basket or worktop ready for washing.
The Laundry Sucker is a new invention that works by having a series of models and a Return Unit. The 'Laundry Jet Swift' has four ports and the 'Laundry Jet Plus' has 8, that you can use to transfer your clothing. The return unit transports clothing back to a dedicated room.

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Laundry Sucker Reviews

The reviews are in and the Laundry Jet (laundry sucker) is great! By using air flow technologies the Laundry Sucker was able to impress across the board. Intriguing customers with its notion of automatically transporting their laundry, towels and linen bed sheets at the touch of a button. Laundry Jet breaks down that "monumental task" of doing your laundry into a maintenance task that is manageable. 


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