Efficient Laundry Management

Easyline Laundry Chutes provide the highest quality stainless steel laundry chutes for commercial and domestic use.

Our easy to install modular system enables us to design a system that meets your exact requirements. If you are unsure please email us your plans and we will return to you a drawing of ‘how your chute will look’.



We are open as normal with 100% stock which can be sent overnight.

Why Choose an Easyline Laundry Chute?

  • Easy Installation (can be installed in a few hours)
  • Integrated child & vulnerable adult safety feature
  • Airproof system to prevent heat loss and smell 
  • Has a range of extension sizes to enable an exact fit including adjustable extensions
  • Once installed it’s there for the life of the house
  • Seamless laser welded grade 316L stainless steel system, high gloss polished. 

  • No sharp edges for laundry to get caught on
  • RAL 9003 powder-coated doors
  • No static charge as by a plastic pipe or wooden homemade systems
  • Lockable laundry chute doors with an airtight system to prevent sound propagation
  • Highest European and National Standards - EN 13 240, DIN+, 1.BImSchV2, DiBt, 15a B-VG, NS 3058/3059

Some of our clients.

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