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What is a Laundry Chute

So What Exactly Is a Laundry Chute and Why Do You Need One?
Let's face it, there are lots of questions that come to mind when we think about a laundry chute. Tired of needlessly transporting your laundry up and down the stairs? Sick and tired of dirty washing lying around waiting to be picked up? Easyline Laundry Chutes are happy to help you say hello to your new solution to get dirty clothes and linen from an upper floor to the washing area in homes and businesses! Easyline are your No.1 Laundry Chute Solution in the UK and Ireland to any smart chute, big chute and laundry chute needs or requirements!

The laundry chute (sometimes known as laundry shoot or clothes shoot or shute) or the laundry jet is a great way to keep your home clean and tidy. It’s a simple solution that will save time and money. There are many types of laundry chute solutions available, some are made of plastic, others are metal (stainless steel is the type of laundry chute we recommend the most ). They come in various sizes and shapes. Some are designed to fit under the sink or inside cupboards, while most are built into the wall. Preferably a laundry chute door can be accessible for everyone in the house. Ideally the door should be in a hallway close to the bedrooms with the laundry chute behind the wall in a cupboard or boxed in.

A modern laundry or linen chute is a tube or duct that runs from one upper part of a home or building to another lower part. The purpose of the chute is to allow a person to safely drop clothes or linen from a higher level of the home or building down into a lower level or basement where the washing machine and dryers are located. Our system is made of stainless steel grade 316L seamlessly welded and smooth on the inside and outside. Ideally the laundry chute should run straight down although it can be offset to a maximum of 45 degrees. Modern laundry chutes in the UK and Ireland are becoming more and more popular. For more information please read one of our blog posts, click here, Laundry Chute Linen Chutes. You can also find out more information on why you should buy one, here, Reasons to Install a Laundry Chute.

Efficient Laundry Chute Management

Dirty Clothes to Be Cleaned Will No Longer Be Lying Around

Easyline provide the highest quality stainless steel laundry chutes for commercial and domestic use. Our easy to install modular system enables us to design a system that meets your exact requirements. Our expert team can advise on a kit for your needs. If you are unsure what you require or need guidance please email us your plans and we will return to you a detailed drawing and quote of ‘how your chute will look’. For more information on installations, click here.

What Are the Two Types of Laundry Chutes You Can Buy?

The laundry chute is a simple device used to move clothes from the upper floor to the washing machine. It consists of a tube which runs through the floor of the house to the area where the laundry will be cleaned. This tube is made of stainless steel and is secured to the wall with wall brackets. There are two types of laundry chutes; gravity fed and suction driven. Gravity fed laundry chutes use the force of gravity to pull the clothes down the tube. Power driven laundry chutes use a motor to suck the clothes down the tube, making it easier to load and unload the clothes.
Here at Easyline, we sell both. You can check out a review for the popular Laundry Jet make here, Laundry Jet Review.
  • Fire rated doors 60 minutes
  • Smooth stainless steel finish inside and out
  • Extensions in every size to enable the exact height and length of chute.
  • Easy installation
  • Long lasting (will last for the life of the house)
  • Available in various styles and sizes

How Often Would I Need My Laundry Chute Servicing and Are There Any On-Going Costs?

If you take care of your laundry chute you will only need it serviced once every few years and can be carried out yourself. It is recommended that you check the door hinges regularly and if they become loose, replace them. If the laundry chute door is damaged you can simply detach from the frame and change the door,  Avoid inserting contaminated or greasy clothes. There is no ongoing service fee for Easyline laundry chutes.  

How Do Laundry Chute Parts Comply With Current UK Fire Safety and Building Regulations?

Make sure you get the answers to this laundry chute question as they are important:
  • Parts are made from steel, fire-proof material - ideally stainless steel, not plastic or wood.
  • A UK fire-proof rated laundry chute doors will be supplied (to meet or exceed BS 476:Part 22).
  • Parts will be encased in at least half an hour fire rated compartment using plasterboard, brick or block.
  • The hole in the floor where the laundry chute passes through requires a 60min fire rated seal.
  • Are Laundry Chutes Safe?

    Laundry chutes are an essential part of every household (they are sometimes nicknamed easy chutes). They provide a convenient way to get dirty laundry down to a lower floor. 
    • Safe for use in basements, garages, crawl spaces, attics, and other areas where there's limited space
    • Easy to install
    • Convenient for getting dirty laundry down to the laundry room
    • Laundry chute doors should be supplied with a lockable handle and fire rated.
    • If the laundry chute is over 3 floors or more the doors will required to be self closing
    • A recommendation should be made that all laundry chute doors are installed at least 1m above finished floor level.
    • There should be no sharp edges inside any of the pipe-work. Our laundry chutes are seamless welded with the elbows and T pieces acid cleaned to remove any potential hang up points.
    • Reduces the risk of people falling downstairs
    • Adds value to your home around the same price as what you paid for the laundry chute
    • Makes life easy

    How Easy Is It to Install Your Laundry Chute?

    Our laundry chutes are designed to help you save space in your laundry room. It is easy to install, easy to buy and easy to clean.
    1. Easy to install
    2. Male/female extensions and elbows which tightly lock together unlike other systems on the market which require locking bands at every join which also means extra costs
    3. Easy to maintain
    4. A 300mm laundry chute can take up to a king size duvet (if fed in) 
    5. Adjustable pipework sections to allow the installer to have the doors and end at the height you require, these extensions require locking bands at no extra cost
    6. A short video or drawing will be made available from Easyline laundry chutes
    1. Save space in your laundry room
    2. Easily remove dirty laundry from upper floors
    3. Cleaner than other laundry chutes
    4. Higher quality than other laundry chute suppliers
    5. Will last the life of the house
    6. No cutting of metal necessary - removing health and safety risks associated with pipework and laundry chutes

    How Quickly Can I Obtain Laundry Chute Parts?

    Knowing when you'll get your laundry chute can be especially important when you are running a strict timetable. Our laundry chutes are sent by DHL next day in the UK and N.I. Ireland is around 2/3 days and western Europe, 4/5 days Airfreight to North America and beyond. If extra parts are needed you need to know that they are available for immediate despatch.

    Is My House Suitable for a Laundry Chute?

    This is an important question. If you are considering buying a house, then you should know if there is a laundry chute available. This is because a laundry chute is a great way to save time, space and money when doing your washing.
    A laundry chute is a smooth stainless steel tube which leads from an upper floor of your house down to a lower floor.  If you don’t have a laundry chute, you are at risk of tripping or falling downstairs due to carrying dirty clothes and baskets then you need to consider installing one. There are many benefits to having a laundry chute installed. For example, it saves space in your laundry room, you can send clothes down and carry on cleaning. You can't have a laundry chute if it's a bungalow (unless you are considering installing a power driven Laundry Jet; laundry jet is a chute that transports laundry for rooms with ports installed and is a vacuum powered laundry chute). You can check out a review for the popular Laundry Jet make here, Laundry Jet Review. Suitable residential homes in the UK range from 2 to 7 floors. New builds and renovation projects can accommodate a laundry chute easier as there is already ongoing building work. Ideally a straight vertical drop into the utility room is the perfect situation. However, slight offsets or even angles up to 45 degrees can be fitted without laundry getting stuck halfway down. So, if you are thinking about buying a house, then check if there is a laundry room available. Contact us and we will be able to offer some advice about the ideal location and size of the laundry chute in your house.

    How Should a Laundry Chute ‘End’?

    Consider ending the laundry chute in a tall cupboard that hides the pipe and the dirty clothes. The end of the laundry chute ideally should be just inside the top of the cupboard with a shelf to accommodate a basket as high as the user is comfortable with. You can then fit shelves with baskets below this to separate the colours and whites. You may also want to keep the pipe on show as a feature. The laundry would then drop straight into a basket. Or you might prefer to have the pipe hidden away with a door at the bottom of the chute. This way the laundry is hidden away until you are ready to do the washing. 
    • Floor to ceiling cupboard
    • Pipe visible or hidden
    • Laundry basket
    • Door at the bottom
    • Chute and laundry hidden away
    • Keeps the washing area tidy and free of smells
    • More space for other items
    • Less mess

    How Do You Install a Laundry Chute?

    If you are looking for a professional laundry chute installation company in the United Kingdom or anywhere in Europe, then look no further than Easyline laundry chutes. We provide a wide range of services including laundry chute installation, repair, maintenance, cleaning, and more. We also offer supply only with full installation instructions, videos and a mobile number should the installer require guidance during the laundry chute installation.
    Our team of professionals has years of experience installing laundry chutes and we know exactly what works best for each individual situation. Whether you need a single chute installed or multiple chutes, we can help you find the right solution for your needs.
    We recently had a large hotel group purchase a linen chute but they wanted to install themselves in different stages of the hotel build. We supplied an engineer to train their tradesmen in starting the chute and how to complete first fix. He will return on completion of the installation to test the interlocking doors and integrity of the chute prior to final fix. On completion of the hotel prior to the hotel opening we will then visit the hotel to commission the linen chute.
    1. Installation
    2. Repair
    3. Cleaning
    4. Maintenance
    5. Supply only Laundry Chute
    6. Supply only with consultation
    1. Professional workmanship
    2. Affordable rates
    3. Fast turnaround times
    4. Free estimates
    5. Guaranteed results
    6. Free to install the chute in stages
    Visit our installation page for further advice on a laundry chute installation.

    What Size Should a Laundry Chute Be?

    The most popular laundry chute size is 300mm (12 inches). Laundry chutes are also available in the following sizes: 250mm, 350mm, 400mm for residential laundry chutes. 600mm - 900mm for commercial laundry chutes. Feel free to make a call to understand more about laundry chute size.

    How Do You Childproof a Laundry Chute?

    There are many ways to childproof a laundry chute. Some people use a lockable door. Our doors are lockable and come with a flush handle which kids under 10 find difficult to open. Laundry Chute doors should be fitted at least 1000mm above finished floor level. 

    What Laundry Chute Means/What Is a Linen Chute?

    A laundry or linen chute is a method of transferring clothes, towels and bedding from upper floors down to a lower floor using the force of gravity. For example a bedroom, bathrooms or landings can have door access points and the laundry will end up in a Utility room or near to where the washing machine is situated.

    Will Other Family Members Enjoy the Benefits of Having a Laundry Chute

    Laundry chutes are great because they save space, they keep clothes clean, and they help prevent clutter. But what if we told you there was an even better reason?
    Laundry chutes are also a great way to teach kids how to do their chores. They can practice and enjoy tidying their room by throwing the dirty laundry down the chute. 
    1. Clears dirty clothes or linen quickly
    2. Keeps rooms clear and organized
    3. Easy to install
    1. Save space
    2. Organize laundry
    3. Prevent clutter
    4. Reduces the risk of falling down stairs

    Why Choose an Easyline Laundry Chutes?

    • Easy Installation (can be installed in a few hours)
    • Integrated child & vulnerable adult safety feature
    • Airproof system to prevent heat loss and smell 
    • A range of extension sizes to enable an exact fit including adjustable extensions
    • Once installed it’s there for the life of the house
    • Seamless laser welded 316L grade stainless steel system, high gloss polished. 

    • No sharp edges for laundry to get caught on
    • No static charge as by plastic or galvanised pipe or wooden homemade systems
    • Four different types of RAL 9003 powder-coated laundry chute doors. All Lockable, with an airtight system to prevent sound propagation
    • Highest European and National Standards - EN 13 240, DIN+, 1.BImSchV2, DiBt, 15a B-VG, NS 3058/3059

    Laundry Chutes for Homes and Business

    If your business is going to be successful in this competitive market, it’s important that you have enough storage space for all of your equipment. You need to make sure that there are plenty of shelves and racks for storing everything from washers to dryers to hampers to clothespins to detergent to cleaning supplies to boxes of clean laundry to empty bins to dirty laundry to folded. The average size of a commercial laundry room is approximately 7,000 square feet, according to the National Cleaners Association (NCA). That means if you have two floors, you should plan on having at least 14,000 square feet of space. If you have three floors, you should plan for 21,000 square feet. And if you have four floors, you should plan to have 28,000 square feet.

    Laundry Chute Shop - Find the Best Laundry Chutes Online

    We have a huge range of laundry chutes available for purchase online. Our laundry chutes come in different sizes and styles, including 250mm to 400mm for domestic, 500mm to 900mm for commercial. All of our laundry chutes are made from high quality materials and are designed to last. You should determine the total volume of laundry produced by your operation in order to work out what size of laundry chute to go for. Once you know the total amount of laundry generated by your facility, divide this figure by the total cubic footage of space available to store the laundry. This calculation gives you the approximate cubic feet needed to store the laundry. You can also maintain your laundry chute with us, you can find more information on that here, Laundry Chute Maintenance Checklist.

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    Our chutes are sent by DHL next day in the UK, 2/3 days to Ireland and western Europe, 4/5 days Airfreight to North America and beyond.

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