The Laundry Chute System - How It Works

The Laundry Chute System - How It Works

Buying and installing a laundry chute system is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Read this article to see why!

Laundry chutes are great for moving dirty clothes from an upper level of the house to a lower level, preferably near the washing machine. 

Why Should You Have A Laundry Chute System?
There are several reasons why you should install a laundry chute system in your home. First, it will limit dirty clothes building up in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. Second, it will stop the need to carry dirty laundry downstairs which in itself is a major hazard. Third, it will save you time because you can send the laundry downstairs out of the way whilst you do the rest of your chores. Fourth, it adds value to your home as it's built-in so there for the life of the house. Fifth, it will prevent clutter from building up in your house. Sixth, it will make your life easier. Seventh, it will improve your home’s curb appeal. Ninth, it will make your home safer.

The first reason why you should install a laundry chute system is that it will limit dirty clothes laying around and will decrease the chance of falling downstairs. 700 people in England and Wales alone die falling down stairs with a further 43,000 hospitalised. (Google) When you have multiple people living in your home, having a laundry chute system will help clear dirty clothes quickly and save the need for laundry baskets. 

How Do I Know When My Laundry Chute Needs Repairing?
If you notice any issues with your laundry chute, such as the door not closing properly, then you should contact a professional immediately. You should check your laundry chute every few months to ensure that it is still functioning properly.
The first thing you should do if you notice any problems with your laundry chute is to call a professional to inspect it. A professional will be able to tell you whether or not there is anything wrong with your laundry chute. It may be something simple like a new handle or hinge but a laundry chute door is the most important safety mechanism of a chute. If there is something wrong with your laundry chute, then you should fix it right away. If you leave it alone, then it could cause serious damage to your home. You can contact a professional, here.

How Much Does A Laundry Chuting System Cost?
It costs anywhere between £500-£1,000 to build a laundry chute system in a typical two-storey home. This includes the cost of materials, labour (depending on where you live), and designing it. However, there are several ways to save money when building a laundry chute system. First, you can install it yourself. This can be a kit or specifically tailored to your home. These systems come complete with everything you need to install them into your home.
The first step in installing a laundry chute is to determine where it will go. You should consider where the washing machine or dryer is as well as any cupboards already built in that area. If you choose to place the chute next to the washing machine, you will need to cut a hole in the floor. Once you have determined where you want the laundry chute to end, you should consider what is above the washing machine. Is there a bathroom, cupboard or space you can box a chute in? Next, you should decide which door to choose (we have four different types of doors, all 1hr minimum fire rated and lockable). After deciding on the door, you then need to decide how the chute will start and end. A normal laundry chute would start with the door vertical on a wall preferably in the hallway so everyone can access it. The door would go inside a 90° elbow around 1m from the floor and then drop down to the washing area below. If the space above is limited you can have the laundry chute door horizontal on top of the chute dropping string down and boxing in around 800mm from the floor. Finally, you will need to decide how the chute will end. A typical chute would end above head height preferably inside a cupboard or press. You can then have a shelf just under around head height with a basket on it. 2 or 3 shelves below which would allow you to separate the whites and colours. 

How Can I Install A Laundry Chute Properly?
If you decide to build a laundry chute, you should first determine where you plan to place the chute. You should also consider how much space you have available. 
The next step is to choose the size of the chute you would like to install. There are four sizes 250mm, 300mm, 350mm and 400mm for domestic houses. Hotels and care homes require a larger diameter which can be found on our commercial page.  

How Do I Clean The Laundry Chute?
Our laundry chutes are stainless steel grade 316L which are smooth throughout and will not require cleaning in normal domestic use. This grade of steel will never corrode or disintegrate in a domestic house. Below is a chute with 3 x 45 ° elbows as the chute had to offset to reach the utility room.

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