Laundry Chute Installed in New Glasgow Hotel

Laundry Chute Installed in New Glasgow Hotel


Laundry chute in New Sandman Signature hotel Glasgow

Easyline laundry chutes are happy to announce the completion of 1st fix for a laundry chute installation in the new Sandman signature hotel in Glasgow.

Northland Properties, are turning the old Pegasus House building at the corner of Holland Street and West George street into a 179-bedroom, 12-storey hotel complete with a first-floor extension, restaurant, gym and lobby whilst undertaking a significant overhaul of the rest of the building.

The proposal has been designed to make the best use of the existing structure whilst complimenting the character of the surrounding area.

The Hotel will have two entrances, one off West George Street with a bar and restaurant and the other from Holland Street with the main entrance and hotel lobby. 

The Sandman Group opened their first Hotel 50 years ago in Canada and has developed into a global company with over 50 locations around the world.

The benefits of this hotel to Glasgow are significant providing a deliverable development of the former office block. It will provide much-needed employment as well as make use of a long-term vacant site within the city centre.

Pegasus House will be the Sandman Signature group’s first location in Scotland’s central belt aimed at corporate travellers and families. They expanded into the UK in 2011 with the Sandman Signature Hotel in Newcastle and again in Aberdeen last year.

Presently work is being carried out to repair and protect the building’s façade which was constructed in 1970 and has deteriorated since being vacated in 2011.

First fix of this commercial laundry chute over 12 floors was completed in less than a week. There was initial consultation in regards to hole positioning and size require although as we are local to Glasgow we worked around our schedule to be onsite when the contractor was available. We still drop in once a month to check all is well in preparation for final fix which suits both us and the customer.

Our linen chutes are manufactured by Horizon Chutes PTV limited. We are their UK and European official suppliers and installers.

·       Manufactured & installed as per BS1703:2005, NFPA82 stainless steel grade S304 2mm 

·       Weatherproof Stainless-Steel construction.

·       Interlocking of chute-hoppers to achieve one user at a time with 'busy' indicators. 

·       Vent system to allow air movements for vacuum breaking.

·       Intake Hoppers are 90-minute fire rated as per UL Label10B which can be upgraded.   

·       Intake Hoppers can be L-hand or R-hand side hinged.

·       Discharge end fire door D Type.

·       Available in different diameters.

·       Optional sanitation system for internal cleaning of chutes.



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First fix of one of the 12 floors

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